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Oversized Shirt Men

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Oversized Shirts for Men

Oversized clothing was never an attire that we purposely would have put together for a day out plans. It was just one of the options from Quintessential lazy wear that we easily pair when we don’t feel like dressing.

Because of the hip-hop influence, this lazy wear has been transformed into a hit trend, and now that baggy clothing is considered an effortless and easy fashion staple.

Oversized Shirts are one of the hit categories of this trend, giving easy styling and pairing options.

Until 2020, men’s wardrobe was more shrink-wrapped, full of slimline tailoring, indie bands, and muscle shirts. But, the pendulum for fashion has swung back, as the oversized trend is again back in the mainstream.

Feranoid has covered some of the trends' hits, designing the available patterns with some fusions and presenting the best designs to its viewers. All these options are designed with 100%cotton fabric, aiming to provide a soft and royal feel to your skin.

At Feranoid online fashion store, you will find the best hit and trendy clothing options at the most affordable prices without compromising quality like the other platforms.

How to Choose Oversized Shirts?

The oversized trend might be a hit right now, but you need to know the difference between oversized and bigger. Some of us are confusing it by ordering bigger size clothes or long fit shirts, which is not a good option.

It’s not that we cannot get the fittings done for oversized clothes, but the facts are that they are certainly more louche.

Oversized Shirts must fit right on your shoulders, proportionally on the waist, the arm length, and the rest of the proportions; all must be in coordination with the outfit.

Therefore, if you’re planning to remap your wardrobe with the latest trends, you need to get the ideal fitting for increased comfortability.

Feranoid has come up with the best-oversized shirt options for your closet, available in multiple colors including the redwhitepeach, black, yellow and unique patterns that you would never want to miss out on.

Not only in Shirts, but the brand has also come up with multiple options in full sleeves t-shirtscolor block t-shirtssweatshirtsfunky t-shirtsPub & Beer t-shirtsRonaldo t-shirts for football lovers, Music t-shirts and special BTS t-shirts and other patterns as well, giving you multiple reasons not to switch to other platforms.

How To Style The Oversized Shirt?

  • White Drop Printed Royal Blue Shirt over a White Shirt and Denim Trousers:

Along with the oversized trend, shirts are also a hit as a garment over a t-shirt. Pair our White Drop Printed Royal Blue Shirt with an off- white t-shirt, clubbing the outfit with a funky watch, denim trousers, and high-top white sneakers.

This will be the perfect look for daily office wear calendars, giving you an option to bunk in between and slay within your friend's group as well.

  • Royal Blue Leaf Handblock Shirt with Black Trousers:

All the options at Feranoid come with easy styling, giving you options to pair a single shirt for multiple occasions.

Club our Royal Blue Leaf Handblock Shirt with black trousers to hit the ideal yet minimalistic party or office appearance. Pair the outfit with a watch and formal shoes to complete the look.

  • Handblock Elephant Cotton Shirt with Shorts:

White base shirts are always a hit, giving a smooth and cool feel to the wearer.

Club this bestselling option of Handblock Elephant Cotton Shirt with denim or cotton shorts to get the ideal day party looks, pairing the outfit with white sneakers and a watch.

Why Feranoid For Men’s Topwear?

With the availability of multiple online menswear brands, Feranoid gives you multiple outstanding reasons to opt for them instead of the others.

Whenever we look out for oversized shirts men, a person looks for fancy and printed shirts. The usage of an oversized shirt is such that, it is worn on a sleeveless t-shirt and helps you enhance your outfit. There are different guides available online as well as offline for you to understand “how to style oversized t shirt men” you can refer to. 

An oversized tie-dye shirt or plain oversized shirt is in high demand. The reason behind it is one i.e. it's flowy, comfortable, and fun. 

Oversized clothes such as shirts or t-shirts both are informal outfits and hence are advised not to wear at your 9 to 5 work call, if you don’t have rebel spirit. 

There are different types of Oversized shirts available such as the oversized checked shirt, oversized tie-dye shirt, Rajasthani hand block oversized shirt as well as the plain oversized shirt. 

Oversized Tie-dye Shirt- Tie-dye is the newest trend in printed shirts and combining it with the latest oversized styling, You can only imagine what will be the by-product. One can style it with parallel trousers or evergreen denim. 

Oversized Checked Shirt- The checked shirts such as the cotton hand block slim fit shirt is high in demand. The vibrant color and symmetric pattern make it hard to resist. One can style them for formal outfits as well. This can be easily styled on top of denim or beige parallel trousers. 

Rajasthani Handblock Shirt- if there’s one thing that every man is drooling over is Rajasthani hand block shirts. It is a cliche, the print has been existing for multiple centuries but has recently gotten popular due to brands like Feranoid’s commitment to popularise the artisan's hand-printed craft. Below are examples of some of the most popular handblock shirts. 

White Horse printed Oversized White Shirt

Sizes- S, M, L, Xl, XXL

Rs 1999/-

Rs 749/-

Yellow Cotton Block-printed Shirt 

Sizes- S, M, L, Xl, XXL

Rs 1999/-

Rs 749/-

Sanganeri Handblock Shirts for Men

Sizes- S, M, L, Xl, XXL

Rs 1999/-

Rs 749/-

Camel Printed Sky Blue Cotton Shirt

Sizes- S, M, L, Xl, XXL

Rs 1999/-

Rs 749/-

Kolampuri Casual Oversized Shirt

Sizes- S, M, L, Xl, XXL

Rs 1999/-

Rs 749/-

Best Quality at Inexpensive Prices:

If you are looking down for 100% cotton shirt or t-shirt options, then Feranoid is the answer to your searches. The platform deals with only 100% cotton fabrics, pairing them with unique designs and patterns to provide you with the best designs.

Moreover, you will never have to think twice about the product price at Feranoid as all the products are made available at the best and least possible range.

Return and Cancellation Policies at Feranoid:

Online platforms always possess a risk of being a scam by either hiding their contact or support details or else by not providing any return or refund policies on their products.

This is not the case with Feranoid, as the home-grown Indian brand provides you with easy return and replacement policies. All the orders placed at Feranoid can be canceled within 48 hours of order placement. Contact Us Details of the website are also easily available at the platform.

The website also provides its customers with easy 7-day return policies to request returns or exchanges within the given time period. Payment made for their orders will be refunded back to their bank account or through the original mode of payment.

Easy Wash Techniques:

Feranoid Clothing options come with easy wash techniques. You need to make sure to use only delicate cycles and soap for the same, soaking and rinsing them in cold water.

Also, it is advised to always put your clothes away from direct sunlight while drying, as this may result in faded colors for prints and patterns. Moreover, you can easily tumble dry or spin the products at home without any risk.

Customer Reviews

"I was looking out for some handblock prints and tried out multiple options from other websites, facing an issue of color fade in the end. After scrolling down the options at Feranoid, I was amazed. Firstly, the offered prices, and next is the delivered fabric; both are outstanding and unexpected. Also, the issue of color fade of prints and patterns is eliminated by the brand."

"Feranoid has the best gym wear options, available at the lowest possible prices compared to other brands dealing with similar products."

Do not forget to explore our men’s topwear range of slim fit t-shirts and color block t-shirts. Our winter collection has high-quality hoodies and sweatshirts while the summer collection includes trendy cotton t-shirtssleeveless t-shirts, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.How do is Buy Oversized Shirt?

Placing an order for an oversized shirt is an easy option with Feranoid as the platform provides you with size charts to check out the ideal size for your orders.

2.Do Oversized Shirts look cool?

The Internet is full with the options for oversized trends, providing an easy and effortless look to the wearer.

3.Where can you buy oversized shirts?

Feranoid is the answer to your search for oversized shirts as the brand has clubbed this trend with their hand block and color block fusions, providing you with unique patterns and designs.

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