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Get any of 3 T-Shirt in INR 1099
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Purchase any 3 T-Shirt of Value 1497 (499 each) and get all 3 in INR 1099 | T & C

Outdoor and Travel T Shirts

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Outdoor Travel t-shirts Available Online

Travel t-shirts are a specially curated edition for all avid travellers. They are just like regular ones with more peppy and creative designs related to your travels printed over them. Tees have been the go-to outfits of this generation, and they ace out your look at all occasions. These travel t-shirts are designed by keeping their purpose in mind; thus, they are light, comfortable, glossy looking, bright coloured tees. Well, these tees are sure to spice up all your upcoming adventures.

Travel T-shirts vs Regular T-shirts

Well, only by the first look can you distinguish between a regular tee and a travel t-shirt. Because of their unique and distinct designs and glossier finish. Although these tees are also curated using 100 % cotton fabric, they are incredibly lightweight, eco-friendly and comfortable to wear all day long during your excursions. These tees also allow your skin to breathe and keep your skin cool during hot and harsh temperatures. And their unique dynamic cool designs add the cherry on the cake.

While some regular plain t-shirts might be a mix of cotton and synthetic fibre, which may cause little irritation to your skin moreover, their designs can be too standard and casual to wear for your trips.

Although travel t-shirts are available in various designs such as half-sleeved, full-sleeved t-shirtsround neck t-shirtscollar t-shirtssleeveless t-shirts and v-neck patterns; which gives you a wide range to choose your favourite ones from.

So, no matter if you are heading for a vacation with your friends or family, these travel tees will surely make you look more hunky and cool than the regular ones.

How to Choose Travel T-Shirt for Men

  1. Extremely comfortable - Outdoor tees are curated using high-quality cotton fabric, they are incredibly lightweight and easy to wear all day long. If you want something comfortable for your travel time, choose the Feranoid’s Lineart White T-Shirt.
    Its cotton fabric and white colour can pick up moisture faster, they are ideal for wearing in extreme weather conditions.
  2. Picture Perfect - With the glossier finish and the vibrant colour range of this Traveller T-Shirt, you stand picture-perfect to all your exotic occasions to make them more memorable.
  3. Trendy Designs - If you want something bold, which is also comfortable for travelling, pick this Shades of Blue T-Shirt.
    Feranoid has curated this exclusive collection by brainstorming all the creative designs and prints over your tees to make you look dynamic.
  4. Wide colour schemes - All these tees have the most versatile and different colour options, be it pastels, nudes, bright shades or light coloured ones.
    If you like bold colour, get your hands on this Green Traveller T-Shirt to enhance your inner confidence. 
  5. Show your moods - You can truly be a fan of beaches or mountains, whatever pleases you can be shown to the world by wearing this Car Mountain White T-Shirt to your vacations.

Why buy an outdoor travel T-shirt from Feranoid?

Feranoid has a vast collection of tees and shirts. They give you a broader choice to choose from various patterns, styles and colours. We even customised tees precisely according to your needs and preferences. We have a vast collection of outdoor travel t-shirts in every colour, size and style designed for everyone.

We have also revolutionised some unconventional patterns and prints starting from Rs. 299/- only. All the products have been handcrafted with extreme care and high-quality fabrics. We plan to give you the comfort and peppiness which you are looking for by adorning them. We promise to provide you with the products at the most pocket-friendly rates, as we understand your needs. Also, on door delivery with easy payment options are provided by us.

Customer Reviews

  • “I always wanted something that looks good on me but at the same time feels comfortable as well. And with Feranoid, I got my kind of collection for regular tees”.
  • “I always had a doubt when it comes to online shopping, but with Feranoid, I got the best quality tees with affordable prices online”.

Discounts by Feranoid for Customers

A glance at our online portal will surely give you an idea of our collection and our prices. We have the most affordable prices of tees, as compared to others in the market. We also have many online contests that can have you secure some rewards that can be redeemed on your purchase. Also, you get the following -

  • You can Get Rs 500 off on orders over Rs 1500, By using Code: FER500
  • You can Get Rs 1000 off on orders over Rs 3000 by using Code: FER1000
  • Buy your favorite printed or casual shirts in our bonanza offer and expand your shirts collection. We offer packs of 3 and packs of 2 shirts at unbelievable prices. Use Coupon Code: PACKOF3 and Purchase any 3 T-shirts of Value 1497 (499 each) and get all 3 in INR999 | Terms and Conditions are applied on such offers.
  • We also give free Shipping on Prepaid Orders.

Cancellations and Returns

At Feranoid, returns and refunds are kept at ease which customers can easily apply for to get 100% return of the payment. The process of the same is very easy and the amount is generally refunded within 10-12 days.

Feranoid also has an easy cancellation policy through which any customer can demand a cancel request within 48 hours after the order has been placed. The amount is processed through the same method through which the payment was made.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where to Buy Travel T-shirts Online in India?
    Feranoid is a popular online store where you can buy the most affordable and high-quality travel tees easily.
  2. What is the Price Range for Travel T-shirts for Men in India?
    The price range of travel t-shirts for men in India starts from Rs. 299/-. The premium quality tees can start from 499/- and onwards.

  3. What are the Benefits of Shopping Online for Travel T-Shirts India?
    Online shopping gives you the benefit of choosing your favourite tee with the best quality and cheaper rates. Also, when you sh
    op online you get a new experience.

  4. What are the cancellation and refund policy of Feranoid?
    Cancellation and returns on Feranoid are kept at ease for everyone. Cancellation can be done till 48 hours after your order placing time. Feranoid offers 100% returns on every product.
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