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Get any of 3 T-Shirt in INR 1099
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Purchase any 3 T-Shirt of Value 1497 (499 each) and get all 3 in INR 1099 | T & C

Mens Striped T-shirts

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The Trendy Men's Striped T-Shirt for Men

A series of parallel lines are STRIPES that do not intersect. In menswear, they are found in many orientations; most commonly, vertical stripes are found in t-shirts. Stripes are considered an everlastingly timeless style and are now found all over the place in clothes, most prominently in menswear styles. 

When something comes to classic menswear patterns, black and white striped t-shirts or lines stay as appealing as they have already for generations. From collar T-shirts, full neck T-shirts, v neck T-shirts striped t-shirts are paving their way in every wardrobe.

 This basic pattern of men’s striped t-shirts with colour blocks can add more appeal than wearing solids while remaining formal and subdued. However, there is still the option of going fairly bold.


Also unlike other online portals, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of our clothes on delivery. We ensure you get the best quality even at competitive prices. 

Buy Men’s Striped T-Shirt Online

Feranoid has an extensive collection of men’s striped t-shirt collections with neat, appropriate, and proper fitting. 

You will also discover many styles like graphical print t-shirt, Funky t-shirts, Anime T-shirts, plain T-shirts, longline T-shirts, slim fit t-shirts and more. The winter collection has high-quality sweatshirts and hoodies, while the summer collection includes trendy travel and outdoor T-shirts, sleeveless t-shirts, gym t-shirts and more. patterns, colors, and sizes.

 Feranoid has a fashion collection of Men’s pure plain t-shirts along with stripes. Also, we offer our customized combo pack and exclusive collection at the best quality and prices. Discounts offered on Feranoid platform are: 

  • Buy any three stripes t-shirts for INR 499 each in INR 999 by using the “PACKOF3” code.

  • Get an INR 1000 discount on all stripes t-shirt purchases of more than INR 3000 using the “FER1000” code.

  • Free shipping for all stripes t-shirt’s prepaid purchases.

For wholesale purchase, you can buy the same quality t-shirts at cheap dirt prices. Our collection of t-shirts are not only perfect for grooming but also for gifting, theme parties, or any corporate events. 

You can also participate in our Social Media Contest to earn additional rewards after your purchase in the future. You can also check our other accessories and home decor for gifting purposes. 

Styling Tips for Striped T-Shirt 

Feranoid’s striped t-shirts are worn in various ways in the universe of tailored clothing, but the style you choose relies on your personality and how strong, colourful patterns you prefer in your wardrobe. You will feel completely relaxed with these comfortable, slim fit or loose fit and branded Feranoid t-shirts for men. Exquisite knitting of these t-shirts offers the finest fit to your body, and the ease it brings is unrivalled.

Here are a few tips for striped style men's t-shirts for a sophisticated and fashion-forward look.

  • Refresh your wardrobe with men’s stylish and amazing striped t-shirts from Feranoid and match them with jeans for the ultimate casual look.

  • Choose a boxy, square fit for your preferred striped t-shirts. 

  • Match it with tailored dress pants or boxy-shaped chinos.

  • Pair Feranoid’s Simple Stripe Modern Art Black T-Shirt with tobacco shorts to spruce up your look, and white sneakers are totally for this look.

  • Pair Feranoid’s Wale Lines  Blue T-Shirt with any black jeans to complete your effortlessly cool look.

How To Wash Stripe T-shirts?

  • Fill your sink with cool water and mix in a bit of gentle detergent.

  • Add the t-shirt and gently swirl it around to work up a lather, then let it soak for 5 minutes, agitating it every minute or so with your fingers. 

  • Rinse the t-shirt in cool water until the water runs clear.

Customer Reviews

“I'm a regular customer of Feranoid, and I simply can't get enough of their clothing line. The custom fit, unique designs, and extremely fast (and free) delivery make for one top-notch online store that I can't seem to stay away from. “

“My first purchase made on Feranoid was a grey striped  T-shirt — I was surprised at how well it fit and how soft the material was.”

Easy Cancellation and Returns on Feranoid

At Feranoid, returns and refunds are kept at ease which customers can easily apply for and get 100% return of the payment. The refundable amount is generally credited within 10-12 days.

Feranoid also has an easy cancellation policy through which any customer can demand a cancel request within 48 hours after the order has been placed. The amount is processed through the same method through which the payment was made. 

With Feranoid’s effective shipping policy, you can get your favorite tee with no extra delivery cost across the cities like Bangalore, Jaipur, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Surat, Mumbai, and Chennai.  You also get a special service that helps you track your order till the time it is delivered to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are striped T-shirts in style for men?
    Yes, Stripes t-shirts are certainly trending as family shirts appropriate for formal clothing.

  2. Do striped shirts make you look fat?
    Vertical lines can make you look slim and longer while horizontal or slanting lines give the illusion of a heavy body.

  3. How to choose a striped T-shirt for your body type?
    Short height and heavy body men should prefer wavy, or standing stripes, while long and healthy fit can try both sleeping and vertical stripes.


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