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Get any of 3 T-Shirt in INR 1099
Use Coupon Code: PACKOF3

Purchase any 3 T-Shirt of Value 1497 (499 each) and get all 3 in INR 1099 | T & C

Gym and Workout T-shirts

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Gym wear Collection to buy Online In India

Do you think that there is no need to invest in gym wear? Many people usually think that they choose a track or any t-shirt to manage their daily workout tasks. But you must rethink and relook the gym wear options. Every workout or sport that you do has its own requirements. So, you must purchase specific gym wear to ease your movements to enhance your performance and flaunt your style.

Feranoid online clothing store has one of the best gym wear collections to buy online in India. We will never disappoint you when it comes to quality and prices.

Every man can discover the gym wear at Feranoid’s online fashion store for their workout wardrobe. Feranoid offers men's gym wear that is best suited for workouts as they are designed to make you perform at your best, feel fantastic, and look great, but there are many more of these t-shirts that go to make it the best.

Buy T-shirts for Workout and Gym

If you buy the right Half Sleeves Gym T-shirts for your fitness regime, you will have unrivalled comfort, making it easier to lift heavy weights or perform stretching easily. So you must buy a Sleeveless Gym T-shirt or Gym T-shirt combo to protect you from skin irritation and facilitate easy movements. The fabric and fit of your gym wear matter the most when you need to work out comfortably and unrestricted.

Buying the right gym wear is crucial not only in summers but in winters too. If you buy the right one, you can use them for layering when winter arrives.

Want a gym attire that enhances your biceps? Look no further! This Strong Grey sleeveless t-shirt is made of 100% fabric that's ideal for intense workouts sessions.

This “No Pain No Gain” T- shirt is the ultimate workout essential. Whether you're at the gym or on the street, you can always stay active in this high-performance.

Black is the perfect addition to any gym kit. Not only does black hide sweat, but it also gives off an air of sophistication in the gym like this Strong Black T-Shirt from our store.

We also have an extensive line of t-shirts that are great for everyday wear like BTS t-shirtsRonaldo t-shirtPub & Beer t-shirts for teens, Foodie t-shirts for food lovers and movies and music t-shirts to complement your collection.

Style Feranoid’s Gym Wear Collection

The new collection is hitting the gym scene and it’s bound to make you want to hit the weights. The online store carries trendy athleisure wear that can be styled in many ways for your best gym looks.

With Joggers: Whether you're in the mood for a hard-core weightlifting session or an enjoyable run, add some comfort to your outfit with basic t-shirts and joggers.

Sweatpants: Dress like a boss in your sweats this winter: pair your favorite workout tee with fleece sweatpants to make your gym routine and your casual outfits look on-point!

Our sleeveless gym t-shirts for men are versatile enough to pair perfectly with athletic shorts , creating a look that is as great for a relaxing workout.

Your gym wear also affects your performance, so you must buy Feranoid’s t-shirts that will enhance your performance rather than restricting it. These gym wear collections have good-feel factors when you dress up with the right t-shirts. The right athletic attire and attitude can greatly assist you and make a stylish appearance.

You can also check our other accessories and home decor for gifting purposes.

Shocking Deals on Purchase

Feranoid offers its customers a platform where they can unfold shocking deals on every gym wear purchase. You can buy a single tee or a two or three-pack to grab the latest offered deals.

  • You can earn points when you buy gym wear through Feranoid’s online store.
  • You can get three workout t-shirts for INR 999 (INR 499 each) when entering the PACKOF3 code.
  • You can get INR 1000 off on your gym wear order for more than INR 3000 when entering the FER1000 code.
  • You can get free shipping on every gym wear prepaid order.

Our men’s slim fit t-shirts are also another round of smart fitted clothing patterns. The winter collection has high-quality hooded t-shirts and sweatshirts while the summer collection includes trendy cotton t-shirtsTypographic/printed/graphic t-shirt and more.

Customer Reviews

“I ordered a pair of 2 Plain maroon and green Sleeveless t-shirts and absolutely loved the product. The fabric is durable and perfect for gymming and workouts. Now Feranoid is my go to partner for men’s wear.”

“Feranoid men’s wear collection for gym comes with a wide range for trendy gym looks.”

We also have Collar t-shirtsFull neck T-shirts for eternal comfort.

Returns and Cancellations

Feranoid runs a hassle-free return policy that lets all customers get back the entire price of their product, or just parts of it. As soon as an application for a return is filed, the company gets in touch with the customer for confirmation.

Also, our easy cancellation policy allows customers to cancel their orders within 48 hours after the order has been placed, providing a convenient option for customers who change their minds.


If you need high-quality men's gym wear or workout attire, Feranoid provides a large selection. Its online fashion store showcases a trendy and comfortable gym wear collection. If you need high-quality men's gym wear or workout attire, Feranoid provides a large selection with sizes Small to Large.

You can browse the selection and buy a suitable pair of fitness attire here. There are always plenty of options for everyone, from the plain t-shirts to the graphic t-shirts. View its gym wear collection, closely view the size chart, and then place your purchase for the right workout apparel.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Gym And Workout tees safe to buy online?
    Yes, Feranoid online clothing store has the best quality fabrics for gym attires that are made from 100% fabrics.
  2. How to wash Gym T-shirts at home?
    Using a mild detergent and liquid soap is safe for gym t-shirts and makes them durable for a long run.
  3. Does Feranoid delivers Gym T-shirts all over India?
    Yes, Feranoid cover all the major states of India and offers free delivery with bulk orders.
  4. Besides gym T-shirts, what else must I get as part of my gym wardrobe?
    Track Pants, Sleeveless Gym T-Shirts & Shorts are the best exercise apparel for comfortable workout sessions at GYM.
  5. Which gym t shirt fabric is the best?
    Spandex is a synthetic gym wear that is the highest quality fabric for exercise, dries easily, has a high stretch and is comfortable enough to breathe.
  6. Tips to Buy Sports T-Shirts?
    Some smart ideas while buying t shirts for workout session can make your upcoming day easier like-
    - Go for spandex stretchy t-shirts
    - Choose plain or less printed t shirt
    - Always choose loose t shirt size for gym
    - The best color for gym t shirts are black, gray and blue
    - Don't go for highly contrasting colors
    - Color or print should be sweat resistance


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