Brands Who Made Big During Covid Times- Successful Brands

Brands Who Made Big During Covid Times- Successful Brands

Covid has been a hit for the country not only on in terms of physical and mental health but raising the economic crisis of the country. With the whole world literally shutting down, we were limited to our houses, workplaces shutting, and schools closing it was definitely a difficult time for everyone. Not only does it induce fear about one's physical wellness but also crippled the thriving small retail stores and businesses. The pre covid era was something where we were less reliable in doing things online, but look at us now every mundane task is somehow related to our phones and the internet. 

The section impacted the most in these difficult times were the ones working in less renowned private companies with small pay scales and mostly the rising businesses. Millions of small scales as well as large businesses and companies faced this challenge due to ongoing coronavirus as it got almost impossible to sell products in these times. While some are crippled completely others manage to find a silver lining for their business. Some smart heads took this as a golden opportunity to become the next big thing. How do they manage to do so? There are strategies and plans ahead to find out. And take inspiration from these small businesses that became a hit during the pandemic.


Founded in 2015, this men's clothing brand has stood the difficult test of time and has established itself as one of the most trusted and reliable men’s clothing brands out there. Providing you with the best and quality men's fashion at affordable prices that are sure to win your hearts. The best thing about Feranoid is the brand has the coolest collection of all your This, graphic funky t-shirts, anime wear, BTS collection, vintage shirts, and activewear. Variety and prices like no other brand provide.

Now what made feranoid big during covid was its amazing deals and offers. Where many websites charge a ton in the name of delivery charges and taxes, Feranoid provides free delivery for every pre-paid offer. Moreover, with the quirky prints ad patterns that seemed to be trendy during 2020, the company picked on this trend and brought in a collection that was aesthetic and quirky impressing the Gen-Z without troubling your pockets much. Simple but a keen observation, that worked wonders for the brand. The brand is recently launched on Myntra; India’s fashion expert and will continue to impress customers with its quality and affordable collection.  


Letters have a charm of their own and you simply can't deny it. The form of intimacy this piece of paper brings into any relationship simply cannot be matched with any grand gesture. Letters by shraddha is a unique approach of a writer to use her writing skills to create letters full of love and happiness for a relationship. No matter what you want to convey be it a letter of your own or just your abstract feeling that you want to be woven into a letter by her. You get letters customized as per your convenience and choice be it on simple paper, burnt pages, textured, with rose, or without. These love-filled letters a packed into tiny cute boxes and delivered throughout the world.

While relationships have become a target of text and DMS, letters hold a special place in our hearts. This emotion is what was beautifully captured and given the shape of this cute and cozy startup idea. While the world was shutting down, a love-filled emotional letter for our loved ones could be a ray of hope for a relationship; an indication that we are gonna make it through these difficult times. This beautiful thought is what made letters my shardha big during the pandemic, it helped a lot of us get to our loved ones and brought smiles in this war with grief.


I don't even need to elaborate much about this one, if you are a woman you know how hard it is to find a good quality scrunchy that is cute as well. I know the struggles of getting the perfect scrunchy that has higher quality and is attractive as well. No worries, scrunchies by Mouli is your place to buy one for you. This venture bloomed in the covid years and saw a sparking rise of followers from 5k to now 43.3k, and now even has its own website.

The business started off by selling simple scrunchies and winter socks via Instagram and bloomed into a website. The ordering process was simple they post about their products and you have to DM them about your interest in purchasing the same. The product is delivered to you in 4-5 days and like every Instagram store, it does not allow COD services. What made scrunchies with mouli different is the dedication and personalized services. It's all about the small detailing that they do, that made them the big gig they are today. The packaging of the product is very cute and filled with warmth, it smells good, and has its branding cards. This personalization and the effort that they put in have contributed significantly to making sew_scrunchies everyone's favorite place to shop. 


Here is another extremely amazing and affordable store that has fought the waves of covid and has passed with flying colors. Cat fat India was a small business started by a team of 2 and their mutual love for cats gave it the name cat fat India. It began as your regular clothing store and started expanding itself by including scrunchies, then moving to stationary to bags then to home decor then jewelry, accessory, and school essentials. It simply did not restrict itself to one product, it kept on expanding itself to become your one-stop solution.

What made cat fat India reach to swooping number of 131k followers was their ability to look and the audience's needs and keep on expanding themselves. More importantly, their products have a personal touch to them, even after expanding their Instagram business to a full-fledged brand. The products still have the same handwritten thank you and the customer names by the owner. This simple act of theirs has what them really connect with the customers and built that trust. They ship their orders worldwide and recently have opened up their own store as well. You can purchase goods from their website or by WhatsApp message and even visit the store. The journey from the Instagram store to becoming a brand with a retail store has truly been inspiring. 


Adding more beauty to your wall and making your walls shine is this home decor by Asian paints to decorate your dream home with luxurious wallpapers and posters. Starting from Sept 2020 this decor has reached 1k followers and many more to do in the coming months with its amazing wallpapers. Asian paint is a well-established brand and there is no doubt about it, this small initiative by them to ease the painting process proved to be very helpful during the covid times. Often times giving your house a new look takes a month or so but that has been made very easy and affordable by these wallpapers. 

The reason this became a mass favorite was how simplified wall paintings became, the safety precautions followed made them more trustable. Slowly and steadily people realized how handy and safe was this method as compared to traditional methods. With the busy lifestyle we have now, I'm pretty sure more and more people will rely on this method as compared to the traditional 2020 to bloom their business Nilaya by Asian paints, gave exciting offers and deals to the customer that made it more affordable. The amazing designs and prices are the reason it quickly became a lifestyle.


The women-led clothing brand became a hit in 2021 with its stylish designs and cute patterns. Beginning in June 2021 this clothing brand has surprised us with its quality collections, brand collaboration, and flexible policies. Within a span of a year, it managed to have an amazing spike of followers of 13.7k and even Ahsaas Channa swears by the quality of the brand. The best thing about rieeh rieeh it offers free delivery on each and every order, which makes its products pocket friendly. 

Those Pinterest and aesthetic outfits that every woman is looking for are available here at affordable prices. Post covid fashion is all about aesthetic and colorful clothing; Gen-Z swears by this fashion. And something that is loved by Gen-Z is bound to bloom. Rieeh Rieeh like every Instagram store posts about its products and you can contact them by DMs now they even have a website of their own that has all of their products and you can directly purchase from them. The quality products and affordable prices have contributed significantly to the growth of this small-scale business.


While the market is filled with artificial and chemically rich products which we easily really on. Today we are realizing the importance of herbal products and their true essence. Avimee herbal is the hub for herbal products. No matter what the issue you are facing; be it skin problems, or hair fall issues; they have in store the best advice to solve these issues. Starting off in June 2021 today it has a whooping of 300k followers, that swear by the magic of naniji’s hair oil.

Backed up by 25 years of research in the field of ayurvedic cosmetics, this booming business is started by an 85-year-old entrepreneur aiming to spread happiness. What made Avimee Herbal an overnight success is a blend of many factors;

The clearly defined mission of help people with Ayurveda and restore their faith in it. The strong belief and never giving up attitude after being called a “scam” countless number of times. The dedicated team members worked relentlessly to help the elderly couple.

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