Understand Sigma Male; Characteristics, Traits, And Rules

Understand Sigma Male; Characteristics, Traits, And Rules

What is a Sigma Male?

A sigma male is a man who lives life based on his own rules, thriving for his passion, not distracted by societal norms or standards. He is his own boss, he doesn't need validation from anyone. By anyone, it means anyone literally, their ability to walk off from predefined and traditional norms.

They don't restrict themselves like anyone or follow a conventional path, they create their own journey, choose their own struggles and build a path of their own. 

Society has a preset book of rules for everyone, while most of us stick to them due to the fear of being called out. Those who don’t come under the category of sigma. Sigma male meaning is not defined by the sigma males meme you see online, it is a broad category of males who are often referred to as lone wolfs; as they tend to be alone, companionship lowers their productivity. Before you make your own assumptions, let a get into a deep dive into what sigma males actually are.

Sigma males are identified by their unique set of behavioral patterns, what is their attitude toward women, and their interests and goals. 

The article further lists in detail about sigma males.

The sigma male lifestyle

How do they fit in society? How do they manage the struggles?

Their journey and struggles.

Sigma male v/s Alpha male

What sets sigma male apart from other archetypes

Differences in the personalities in these two archetypes.

Traits of sigma male

I am my only priority rule 
Avoiding companionship
The constant need to not be the center of attention
Defying the societal norms


No burden


The journey can be challenging

Famous Sigma Males  

Sigma male quotes and T-shirts

The Sigma Male Lifestyle

The societal hierarchy of men places the sigma below alpha males. Their lifestyle is often compared to that of a lone wolf, the one who stays on his own terms and goes on his own. 

He sets a path of his own, that is walking away from the pre-set rules. He denies surrendering to societal pressure and sticks to them. He follows a simple lifestyle; that is his own choice and his only priority is his goals and himself. Anything that takes him away from his goals, he cuts it. Nothing distracts him from achieving what he wants. 

What you desire is what makes you a sigma male. If you wanna know which category you fall into, you simply have to answer these questions. Do you like being the center of attention? Do you enjoy the power that comes with your status? Do you desire leadership or do you prefer getting a simple job? Do you find it difficult to connect with people or you are a social bird that loves talking to everyone and are eye candy? 

If you have a quality of a leader who makes his own rules and dedicatedly works towards achieving your goals. You are straightforward, simple, and like breaking traditional norms. Then you identify as a sigma male.

Sigma Male v/s Alpha male

An alpha male is a step higher than a sigma male owing to the abilities that keep people around him happy. He works with a tribe mentality, unlike a sigma who prefers to be on his own. The sigma male characteristics that set both of him apart from an alpha are:


Alpha male  

Values his public image and how people perceive him

Maintains the traditional norms of society and follows them

Has a team and works well within them

Extremely delighted and looking for opportunities for social interactions.

Sigma male

Works on pleasing only himself and doesn't bother others.

Has his own norms and follows them

Is a lone wolf and works alone.

Occasionally makes a social presence, rather be alone than in a crowd.


The alpha is the king and has to please people, unlike the sigma who has no reason to do the same. He doesn't want to be at the top of the hierarchy and dominate the alpha, he rather prefers being unnoticed and getting his work done. These are the traits that set a sigma male apart from the alpha.

Traits Of  A Sigma Male

A sigma male is well defined with the following traits:


One of the most important traits or character that a sigma male possess is his ability to depend only on himself. He is self-sufficient, he does all of his tasks and roles alone and doesn't need a helping hand.

The quality that helps them the most is their adaptability to any situation, they are naturally good survivors and know how to take care of themselves, on their own without help.

They provide for themselves, enjoy their own company, pay their own bills, and in short not rely on anyone other than themselves.

I Am My Only Priority Rule

The essential trait of a sigma male personality is they only prioritize their own needs, goals, and comfort.

His one priority is his goals, anything that seems to threaten his dreams, he is quick to throw it out. Be it a romantic relationship or a business partnership. His ultimate requirement out of anything is his own pleasure and benefits. If the relationship fails to serve the same, he won't think twice to break it off. Anything unworthy of his investment within a jiffy he walks away.

This is how a sigma male prioritizes him over anyone.


One of the most important sigma male rules is to not look for a companion. He is his own companion, the journey is all about him. So he refrains to invest in relationships.

He is the one who believes that relationships require time, energy, and effort and this hampers his productivity. You may find him with some friends only and often how he restricts himself to not waste his time developing relationships. His goals are his everything, all his habits, lifestyle, rules and regulation revolve around accomplishing them. This one is the ultimate sigma male test, if you pass this you for sure are a true sigma male. 


A major thing that separates a sigma and an alpha are that a sigma never looks out for validation from others. He does not long for recognition from the crowd or be a people pleaser. His only focus is on what his goal is and how he can work towards achieving it. He is least bothered by what people perceive of him, do they like him or not.  

They would rather prefer living alone and work than be in the limelight for their work. They tend to possess the need to be invisible and work in their own peace.


As it was mentioned above, a sigma never strives to follow traditional rules or patterns. He lives in his own mind, follows his own rules, and remains unbothered by society. He isn't disappointed by society or has ever been hurt by it by behaving in such a way. He is someone who simply never cared about it in the first place. Avoiding society is not his defense mechanism but a choice he made by simply not putting society above himself in any way. He simply won't change himself if he does not follow traditional rules. 



As they tend to be loners, all of their time and energy is invested only in themselves and not someone else. If they do something it is for their own good and if they don't their own loss. Unlike normal human beings, they are devoid of the burden of making others happy, satisfying society, and following its rules.


Men who are focused and driven towards achieving some things are extremely desirable to women all across the globe. A habit that is bound to attract anyone and everyone. The sigma male rule list of being dedicated towards one's dreams, trespassing every distraction make these men very attractive. Their disciplined lifestyle and no drama life is something every one of us wants to an extent. 


Without a doubt, everyone can agree with the fact that these individuals are very productive. A sigma male rule that drives this hierarchy of men, is productivity is everything. As mentioned earlier, they do not let any relationship or problems hamper their productivity. They get things done faster, they avoid any wastage of time, and are extremely good at getting things done on time. 



The journey of a lone wolf is one of the hardest and full of ups and down. Especially the beginning years when you are transforming into one. Simply putting up a sigma male symbol or a sigma male wallpaper does not make you one. You have to constantly fight and carve your own way out into becoming one. The sheer dedication and discipline it requires to become a sigma is not everyone’s cup of tea. 


While one can try and try, it is a human tendency to interact with others, to quench for someone to rely upon and look after. The deep sigma male quotes always talk about them being a lone wolf, but there is this side of the story as well. It is pretty normal for them to feel overwhelmed and look for support and feel lonely. These times although difficult but a sigma never stops overcomes them to emerge a stronger human. 

Sigma Male Zodiac Sign 

Anyone can be a sigma male, but here are a few sigma male zodiac signs; these men have a higher chance of being a sigma male:

  • Scorpio

  • Capricorn

  • Leo

  • Sagittarius

Well, this was all about sigma males; an attempt to understand their thought process, traits, and characteristics. What sets them apart from the rest of the world? I hope this helped you figure out, whether you are one of them or not. While it was easy to list all these fictional traits and characteristics, you might be wondering if such men even exist. Well, if you thought they don't, here is the list of some of the most famous sigma males:

  • Keanu Reeves

  • James bond 

  • Wolverine from Xmen 

Looking for your inspiration to turn into a sigma male you can try practicing by learning their rules and surrounding yourself with stuff about them. Like reading about them, their quotes, or even investing in some sigma male t-shirt.

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