13 New Best Haircut For Men In 2022 - Latest Men’s Haircut

13 New Best Haircut For Men In 2022 - Latest Men’s Haircut

Hair is the most striking feature of one's physical appearance. It can enhance your overall look and facial features. If your haircut compliments your features, it makes you more appealing and put together; a haircut that doesn't suit you on the other hand can bring down your look no matter how hard you try. Tired of regretting a haircut? Don’t worry, we have your back. After this blog, I’m pretty sure you won't be returning from the salon and crying. 

Getting a haircut is not as simple as it sounds, you have to keep many factors in your mind while choosing a cut that suits you. The hot trends and the fashion gurus also play a key role. Because let's be honest who doesn’t like going with the trend? Your face shape, hair texture and type, and most importantly the length plays a vital role in deciding your perfect haircut. A brief understanding of your face cut and texture can bring so much depth to your look. Go through the blog and the next time you visit the salon, you won't have to sit turning the pages of a magazine and still return disappointed.


Not every hairstyle suits every face cut. How many times have you had a haircut just like your friend and wondered why doesn't it look flattering on you? The answer is simple you simply have a different face shape. A new haircut adds so much to your personality and at times brings a different side to you. To select the best haircut for men's face shape you only have to figure out the shape of your face. 

 The list below contains the best haircut for oval-face men, the best haircut for round-face men, the best haircut for square-face men, and the best haircut for long-face men.

 S No. Face Shape Haircut
1. Rectangle Pompadour or side part.
2. Oval Pompadour, side part, quiff
3. Square Undercut, quiff, or side part.
4. Heart Side part or quiff.
5. Triangle Structured pompadour, curly top, and quiffs.
6. Round Side part, French crop, pompadour.
7. Diamond Messy fringe and wavy side part.



Your hair type and texture may not be something under your control but for sure determines your look. Some men are blessed with shiny thick hair(jealous) while some have to struggle to make them look presentable at best( relatable). Despite the category you fall in, we have got you covered. Let's look at some of the options you should consider depending on your hair texture.


Fine hair is a struggle of its own cause there is little to work with, lacking volume and density. The best option for this hair type is to keep it long to medium and let the length play its part. A slick back with layers can be your go-to look.


Blessed is the only word to describe the people with this hair type. It gives you the freedom to experiment with different styles and cuts. Whether wanting to rock a man bun or pull a classic quiff or shaggy layers or even a pompadour. Personally, I feel a short haircut would suit the best for thick hair. 


Shiny and most often thick are the descriptions of Asian hair. The best to work with. They require minimal to no styling, because gravity plays its part, keeping them short or till your ear with sharp edge cuts or a quiff with proper cuts would be the best option to go after.


Wavy hair is a bit of a confusing one. Not completely straight nor completely curly they come with a confusion of their own. Leaving men puzzled as to what to do with them. Keeping the sides clean and going shorter on the back is the key here. Leaving them as it is on the top, with a bit of shaping and movement.


For all you men reaching your 50s balding is a common problem to encounter. There is absolutely no need to be shameful or embarrassed about it instead with these haircuts you can flaunt it. The best haircut for balding men would be a medium-length blunt chop. For balding at the crown, the best haircut  would be a french crop or a buzz cut.


Another important factor affecting your haircut is the length you have or the length you desire. Not everyone can pull off a military cut or the classic long hair. It depends on your preference and hair type the length you want. Whether you have short hair, medium, or long hair these haircuts are bound to up your styling game and appearance. 


Short hair gives you a sharp polished look. For all those who don't have much time to invest in their hair, or visit the salon again and again for a chop, short hair is the best option. The various types of cut you can go for are:

  • Crew cut

  • The classic Caeser cut

  • Buzz cut

  • Low fade


While styling short hair is a cakewalk, medium hair provides the flexibility and freedom that just cannot be competed with. Opening the doors for all the experimenting and trendy styling. The best haircuts for men with medium hair length are :

  • Quiffs of literally all the types 

  • Pompadour 

  • Blowout

  • Faux hawk


Long hair is not everyone’s cup of tea. While for those who manage to pull them off some of the best haircut options are:

  • Slick back

  • Wavy pulled back

  • Side part with loose curls

However be the length or texture of your hair, these are the classic cuts that never go out of style. While selecting your haircut can be a difficult job to do provided the variety of options available. We have brought down for you the best low-maintenance haircut for men in 2022:


Once a classic always a classic, this one has stood the test of time to be the most reliable option for men. So if you plan on pulling a David Beckman, this one is your go-to option. A textured pompadour is going shorter on the sides and letting the top be a mess. The healthy volume of the top can be swept side-wise or at the back to complete the look.


Whether you have long hair or medium this one is by far the most picked haircut by men all over. This one can compliment most of the face shapes be it oval, round, or heart shape, it is the safest option for you to go about. A well-maintained side part is the best haircut for curly hair. For those who like to keep it simple yet clean consider this your best option.


The undercut is somewhat like a pompadour, but it goes extremely short with fine hair on the sides and the back as well. The top is left to experiment with, you can go with keeping it messy, a side part some curls however you like it. This type goes well with the square face shape and diamond face shape as it makes the face look more angular and less boxy. The undercut is trendy and fashionable despite being easy to maintain.


Talking about a style that is extremely popular among men these days is a quiff. This one includes keeping the sides a bit shorter and trimmed while the top is maintained well with a gel or wax. The versatility of this cut allows it to be extremely popular for every age group from a child to an adult. It is easy to style and suitable for almost every occasion.


For all of you curly heads out there, there is no better haircut to consider than a curly top. The name itself suggests, that the sides are kept extremely short almost like a buzz or military cut, and the top curls are left to flaunt. It may be hard to maintain the top and defy gravity, but a little work to look fashionable is very understandable. This one is one of the most stylish and trendy looks to go after if you have curly blonde hair.


It is the ultimate hairstyle to go about for an effortless look. If you are someone who likes to keep it effortless yet dapper, this is your ideal look. This cut requires no maintenance at all yet gives the most flattering look. The sides and the back are kept shorter, slightly in contrast to the top. The top can be  shaped in several ways, be it a sharp round, clean cut, or fringe cut. Long, short, or medium this one goes with every hair length.


If rock or punk look is your style, this is your pick. The look requires a bit of maintenance as there is a fine line between being shabby and pulling a messy look. For the most part, the hair is left to be its stylist. You can just play around with the front leaving it to grow and give a shape to your face. This is one of the best haircuts for blonde men, it compliments the color.


The haircut screams Harry Styles; remember in 2015 when one direction was at its peak; Ahh! Good old days. Everyone was obsessed with the classic wavy hair look of Harry Styles, the band maybe has taken a hiatus, but the look still is imprinted in our heads. So if you ever decide to let the hair grow this one is a must to try out.


The good old bowl cut is one of the most traditional looks for boys, especially in India. I'm pretty sure the millennials can relate to it as it was the cut majority of boys have kept for a major chunk of their lives. So if ever decide to get back to the 90s and relive your childhood get this haircut. The cut is not only the oldest but one of the cleanest.


Earlier considered a punk look, it is mostly mainstream at this point. Every guy you see next door has a faux hawk undercut. The haircut is extremely popular and trendy among youth these days. One can often go crazy with the hair product with this one. A faux hawk undercut is simply setting your hair in an unsubtle way and ditching the comb. With your hair pointing in one direction and the fade cut along the sides and the back, making it the best fade haircut for men.


This is by far the easiest to maintain. The crew cut is the most appropriate look for a square face with thick hair. While the military cut may seem too tidy for you the crew cut involves hair chopped at different lengths allowing you to experiment more with the styling options. 


For all you guys out there who like to flaunt your long locks with great styling, this one is for you. The simple look is just maintaining the length of your hair with regular trimming and pulling the frizz down with a hair gel or wax. The hair is pulled back a hipster beard would be a cherry on top of this haircut.


The simplest look, the only drawback being the limited styling option available. The buzz cut on its own is a style itself. If you are someone who wants the rugged army look or is not interested in investing time in styling your hair, the buzz cut is for you. It is most suitable for thick hair types, giving a very neat and rugged look to you. 

Finally, that brings down all the trendy haircut options one should consider before going for their next chop. So take a look at these amazing options and pick your personality for the next few months.

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