Different Beard Styles for Different Face-Cuts and Personalities

Different Beard Styles for Different Face-Cuts and Personalities

Facial hair has been seen to be the most influential aspect of a man’s face. Since ancient times, masculinity has been somewhat related to facial hair and a man’s ability to grow them. So it is not far-fetched to say, that facial hair plays a vital role in a man’s life. It is a powerful tool depicting your personality, masculinity, and maturity. 

A study conducted in 2016 showed women the same man with different lengths of beard. Surprisingly the longer the facial hair the more manly a man is rated. So in short beard are for sure something that plays an integral role in how people perceive you, and what they perceive of you. 

In case you are someone who likes it clean-shaven, don't worry the sexiest man of 2020( Harry Styles) is also someone who likes it clean. Not forgetting about the BTS crew, those are one of the most desirable men out there. In 2022, we support men to be themselves, so keep your facial hair the way you want them. If in trouble pick your look from the below-mentioned styles and tips.

Besides your idol and latest trends, an integral factor that you can never go wrong with while selecting your next look has gone to be your face shape. Beard styling for men will become 10x easy keeping in mind your jaw structure. Below is the list of all the suitable types depending upon your face shape.

Round Face Shape

Choosing the perfect beard for this one can be crafty. This one requires extra effort to make your face look slimmer, give those cheekbones a structure, and define your jawline. With the right type of beard selection, you can make your face appear slimmer and sharper and highlight its best features. Some of the most suitable men’s beard styles for round face are:

Van Dyke Beard

A perfect beard style for a round face has to be a van dyke beard. A Van Dyke is the one that consists of some growth of both a mustache and goatee, with all the hair present on the cheeks clean shaved, or cut extremely short. 

Short Boxed Beard 

One of the extremely likes and cute beard styles for men is a short boxed beard. It is neat and gives you a sleek and tidy look. It consists of finely shaved sides, that suit the round shape perfectly giving you a complete look that compliments you well. If you are some wanting a good boy image this one has to be your go-to option. 

Balbo Beard 

Looking for some short beards for men that will make a sporty impression? This one is your pick. This modern beard style for men is sure to make a lasting impression on anyone with its neat and clean sideburns. Trimmed with a floating mustache, this sporty look is worth showing off this winter and suits the round face extremely well.

Anchor Beard

This one has got to be the perfect beard style for young men out there. Anchor bears style for men involved a pointy edge with extremely fine or clean shaved cheeks, it gives your jawline a well-defined shape. Looking for an inspiration to rock this one, it is the most prominent beard style of one and only JOhnny Deep, so if you happen to be a fan of him, then this one should be something you must try. 

Square Face Shape

A square face shape is characterized by a sharp jawline that has well-defined cheekbones. With that being said, it is easy to select a beard for this one as it can be simple to enhance the sharp features of a square face. Keeping a clean look on the sides and experimenting a bit with the area around your chin can be the perfect option for a square face shape. Some of the most appropriate styles that you must try if you have a square face shape are:

Circle Beard

One of the classic beard styles for older men has to be the circle. It gives a very mature and put-together look. The circle beard involves a clean look a the sides giving sleek vibes and a mustache along with a chin patch. It might appear to be a difficult look to create but it is very easy and is most suitable for a square face as it highlights the sharp edges of a square face cut and draws attention to the jawline.

Royale Beard 

By far one of the smartest beard styles to pull is a royale beard. This smart style involves a mustache anchored with a chin strip. This simple yet stylish look defines the square face structure very well. If you are looking for a smart casual look with minimum effort this one is the perfect style you can pick from. It is neat, tidy, and classy.

Goatee Beard 

The goatee beard style for men with square faces is the simplest option one can go after whenever in doubt. It is easy to take care of and is for sure gonna suit a square face shape. It involved a very clean look very minimalist and easy-to-maintain look. It consists of a small and tidy beard. This elongates the chin, giving the square face more structure and making it more appealing.

Petite Goatee Beard

This is one of the thin beard styles for men best suited for a square face shape. This involves a clean carefully cut look. The hair usually begins from the lip area and goes slightly below the chin elongating it and giving it more definition. The square face shape is characterized by a flat chin and a small beard that elongates the chin area and gives it a bit of shape. 

Oval Face Shape  

Various different beard styles for men suit easily this face type. This is one of the most common face shapes in India. Any kind of beard goes well with face type. This one is literally made for a beard. Usually, the role of a beard is to highlight the key features of your face, the jawline, and the cheekbones and give it a proper shape. People with this face shape are blessed with amazing and sharp features, so it is not much of a difficult task to choose a beard for this one, you can try many new beard styles. Yet some of the best beard styles for this face type are:


One of the classic beard styles for men over 50 has to be a well-maintained chevron. This is a low-maintenance and simple style of giving your face a pleasing yet very stylish touch. A chevron is typically a mustache that covers your entire upper lip and the ends do not curl down or up, yes it is as simple as this to get a chevron mustache. Keep the hair on that upper lip and shave everything off from your face and you are all set.

3-day Stubble 

A 3-day stubble is among the best beard styles for black men. It gives one a smart, rough, and tough look. It might appear as a shabby look if you are someone with long hair. This one is best suited for bald men. This low-effort beard style for bald men involves trimming the hair in a way that resembles the 3-day stubble look. Very smart and low-effort look for an oval face that looks extremely stylish and rugged.


This medium beard style for men is the choice of tough, virile men typically bikers, wrestlers, and cowboys. Extremely old and yet has not lost its charm, it still remains to be one of the most desired beard styles among men. It is a typical facial hair style that features hair right above the upper lip and around the mouth area trimmed to look like a horseshoe. The rest of the face remains neatly clean-shaven.

Original stache

Original stache is low maintenance and one of the extremely sexy beard styles for men. It is simple and looks extremely stylish. It usually involves a small mustache over the lips and the rest of the face is neatly shaven. This one you can play around a bit with this one as well, it can be also styled as a long beard style for men. A small mustache with long hair looks extremely dapper. 

Rectangle Face Shape

A rectangular face shape has a sharp squared jaw and a long face as compared to the width. This face shape is steeper and can be styled with various Indian beard styles to opt for and give your face a charming look. To style for this face shape, you have to keep a look at the lengths of the beard, it should be shaped in a way that fills the gaps of the sharp features and edges. A shorter beard in the bottom and the sides kept long truly enhances your strong features.

Mutton Chops Beard

The style used to be extremely popular and then disappeared out of nowhere but is making its comeback now. It is essentially very basic and has got a street-style vibe to it. Very minimal and requires no thought to it. If you prefer the old-school styling with your beard this is your go-to look. It is a simple long sideburn attached to the mustache to complete the look. 

Gunslinger Beard

The gunslinger is the most prominent Arabic beard style for men. It truly gives the right definition and tones down the sharp edges of your face giving you the right shape. It is characterized by flared sideburns accompanied by a horse show mustache. The best way to carry this one is to keep the rest of your chin and neck extremely clean.  

Chin strip 

This one is the best option when you don't want a beard and do not even wanna keep a completely clean look. A small patch of hair on your chin is the way to go for a smart and intelligent look. A thin vertical line across your chin would be the look to go for and suit your face the best. 

Chin strap styled

A full face of hair is not something that everyone wants. well, there are many styles that let you enjoy the masculine look of a beard, without having to commit to big bushes. The chin strap beard is your go-to option if you fall into this category. With the evolution of times, the styles and patterns of styling have evolved too. The style particularly goes well with short hairstyles for men with beards. It is versatile and you can play around to style this one accordingly. 


Every Face-cut looks different with a different beard. After defining the other face cuts, it gets easier to understand which beard works well for you. Although a mustache is always a good idea. Feranoid understands every man's need to address and showcase their personality and its funky graphic t-shirts work wonders on a casual or an official day.

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