Ah! Winters can be very gloomy, boring and well, of course cold! But do you know what I love about winters? Wearing loads of layers and styling them into cool outfits! Even the most basic winter wear can look cool if you pair them up nicely and what’s more is that you’re protected from the cold!

So now, let me enlighten all men on the essentials they absolutely NEED to have in their wardrobes!


The basic solid hoodies are a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. A simple black or blue colored hooded sweatshirt goes a long way. Whether you plan to stay at home or go out for a movie in the winters, this sweatshirt is an absolute essential. Not only is it a great casual outfit for winters, but also a cool addition to your everyday wardrobe no matter what season it is. Just style a basic pullover hoodie with your everyday jeans, your favorite joggers or you could even wear it with shorts in summers.


Now, color blocks are a much cooler choice for regular wear, if you feel like wearing a bold but casual outfit and acing your fashion game. Putting on a color block hoodie gives a fun splash of colors and adds on to your basic outfit. Styling it with your basic jeans or pants would make it a great outfit for a dinner date or chill day out with friends. You can also choose pants or joggers of a similar color in the hoodie and style a great monochrome outfit for a casual day.       


 Basic sweatshirts are as important as hoodies for every man’s winter wardrobe. Regular solid sweatshirts are essential for winters as they keep you warm yet stylish inside any overcoat or jacket you wear. You can easily wear a t-shirt or plain vest inside a sweatshirt and put on your favorite denim jacket or a trench coat. It would make a great semi- formal outfit for a formal lunch or dinner party with friends or family. 

Putting it on your basic jeans, chinos or even a chic pair of corduroy pants would look great.       


Color block sweatshirts add on to your basic outfit and make it a bolder choice to enhance your boring outfit. These color block pullovers not only give volume to your outfit but to your entire personality. It looks great with an overcoat or could even look good if you wear it with your basic jeans. A splash of color never goes out of style, rather it only enhances your personality!


Henley t-shirts are basic crew neck button-down t-shirts. They are a fashionable choice of regular full- sleeved t-shirts to wear everyday, especially to wear in winters. It can easily be worn in winters inside sweatshirts, jackets and even coats. Henley neck t-shirts look great when paired up with pants or basic jeans. In winters they can also be styled with a coat and scarf for a formal party. Henley t-shirts are super trendy right now, so it is a must-have for every man’s wardrobe.


Plain or printed, full sleeves t-shirts are a part of the regular t-shirts and are absolute essentials for men. Cotton full sleeves t-shirts are basics for winters and can be also worn in summers. They are good to wear at home with your everyday track pants as casual wear. They can also be styled with pants or jeans and a jacket, so that you slay your fashion game in the chilly winters.


There is nothing as important as a front-open jacket in winters. A solid zipper jacket is a must-have winter outfit in every man’s wardrobe. Jackets are a great choice for casual wear as well as formal wear, if styled right. Whether it’s a casual day with friends or a weekend getaway, a basic jacket can be styled with a t-shirt and pants/ jeans. If you get cold easily, it can also be worn with a cool color block sweatshirt.  

So, to all the men, don’t worry about what to wear and how to style clothes in winters, because now you’ve got it! Slay the basic yet dapper winter look with various choices of hoodies & t-shirts. 

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