6 T-Shirts For The Gym We Are Loving!

6 T-Shirts For The Gym We Are Loving!

This blog is dedicated to all the gym fanatics out there who always detest pressing the snooze button on their alarms at 6:00 AM. They most definitely get up and go to the gym! This blog is also for all those health junkies who never miss a day at the gym.

We feel that regularity at the gym also calls for some style at the gym. After all, your cotton pants need something else in order to make them and your gym clothing-wear more venue-appropriate and attention-worthy.

You see, gym-wear for women and men should be of the finest quality. Your fitness gym-wear should be affordable and soft. It should soak up all that sweat without looking ghastly.

This is why we thought we'd introduce to you 6 T-Shirts by Feranoid which come under our gym clothing collection. These T-Shirts are quite possibly some of the best workout clothes because of how quirky, attractive and comfortable they are.

Dear men and women, now you will never have to type in "What to wear to the gym?" or "Which fitness gym-wear is the best?" on Google because your answer lies right below. 

1. Gymaholic T-Shirt

Your attendance to the gym and the passion with which you exercise males you a textbook Gymaholic. It's time you let the world know your true identity.

And, the only way you can do this is by wearing this T-Shirt that says 'Gymaholic' on it. Available in dark colors such as black, green and grey, it will make your workout clothes more interesting. Do away with those boring and plain T-Shirts NOW.

Feranoid has come to your rescue so that you do not have to search for athletic wear here and there. 

2. Installing Muscles T-Shirt

You are a work in progress in life and you are in the middle of installing muscles at the gym. It makes for a nice balance, does it not?

Wear this funky T-Shirt by pairing it with dark grey sweatpants as one of your fitness outfits. It will not only make you feel pumped but also fashionable.

Whether it is exercise clothes for women or workout clothes for men, they will always be sold in dark colors. And, so is this gym T-Shirt by Feranoid. Available to you on this very website in colors such as black and blue.

Whether your process to install muscles at the gym is at a meager 10% or at an almost-complete 99%, this T-Shirt will help you stay energized throughout your workout. 

3. Eat. Sleep. Train. Repeat Vest

Men's activewear gets another kick when vests for gym come into the picture. As soon as you look at them, they call out to you so that you can work out in them like a pro.

So, here's presenting a men's vest for the gym with a phrase that will heartily encourage you to workout. If you are training for a marathon or something else, even better.
This gym wear for men also happens to be made out of the MOST durable quality. You simply cannot question the material because it has been made BY the best FOR the best. 

4. Single / Taken At The Gym T-Shirt

Gym apparel would be incomplete without this gym T-Shirt. We don't want to intrude on your relationship status but we and the world would love to know your relationship status....with the gym.

Are you resistant towards it? Or, do you love it so much that without it, your day feels boring? Notify the world by wearing this T-Shirt for men. 

5. Kal Se Gym Chalu T-Shirt

Workout clothes for men and women should be more on the humorous side, don't you think?

Introducing this affordable gym T-shirt from Feranoid. Wear it around your house so that it can serve as a grand announcement of some kind. It is even available in a soothing maroon color!

Phir, Kal se gym chalu na? Your conscience needs your confirmation. 


Okay, but there's always tomorrow, right? New day, newer goals.

Or, just wear this trendy gym apparel to the gym and earn a few laughs from your fellow gym-mates. There's always room for laughter when you are sweating away.

As far as gym T-Shirts for men or exercise clothes for women go, this one has been a fan-favorite and it is available in a wide range of colors.

There you go. Your "What should I wear to the gym?" has now been answered. Your fitness gym wear by Feranoid will not only become your go-to but also something you will feel confident and powerful in!

All our gym wear T-Shirts are sweat-absorbing, high-quality gym clothing that you will love even before you have hit the 'add to cart' button.

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