10 T-Shirts Every College Student Should Have In Their Wardrobe!

10 T-Shirts Every College Student Should Have In Their Wardrobe!

praJust like school life, college life is fleeting but memorable. Those three years pass you by in the blink of an eye. During this time, it is essential that you make unforgettable memories but in style! In short, you should be well-versed in the art of college clothes shopping.

It is also essential that you understand that there may be a lot of options when it comes to college clothes for guys. But at Feranoid, we have the BEST college clothes ideas, particularly in the already diverse department of men’s T-Shirts.

Read more to discover the T-Shirts that are a must-have for your wardrobe!



It could be the truth or not. Either way, we are not judging.

This half-sleeve T-Shirt for men is sassy and quirky. We guarantee that when you wear this to college, it will earn a laugh from your friend’s group. It might even make you the talk of the college for a while!

Embrace fun in life by wearing this regular fit T-Shirt for men that is extremely easy to wash!

We love to say that this T-Shirt is not just eco-friendly, but it is also college-friendly!


Feranoid always did love to put it all out there. This graphic tee for men seems to be making a bold suggestion to that one friend who is waiting for the moment you ask them to bunk classes with you.

Or, you could just wear this T-Shirt with quote to be that cool dude at the college.

Either way, wear it and while you do, love the feel of 100% cotton fabric it is made of!


This T-Shirt for men will be perfect for the day when you want to be more of a back-bencher than an A-Grade student.

With ‘Abey padhta kaun hai’ printed in big letters, this men’s round neck T-Shirt was created in good fun! Wear it when everyone is stressed out about exams at college. When they look at the quirky men’s T-Shirt you are wearing, they will burst into laughter, thus making them feel less stressed, even if it is for a short while. 

This black printed T-Shirt will be perfect for when you do not want to spend time being boring!


Whether you can lift heavy boxes without any qualms or maintain a cool head during a crazy situation, you are STRONG.

While you and those around you know this, it’s important that the world know too. This is why Feranoid presents a T-Shirt that every college student can not only wear to college once in a while but also to other causal gatherings.

With ‘strong’ written vertically on this T-Shirt, we, at Feranoid feel that it will have a profound effect on those who see you wearing this trendy men’s T-Shirt! 

Buy it today because it is also available in an electrifying maroon color!


Yes, we’ve been there. In order to be fashionably late somewhere, we have been SUPER late too!

And, so, on that occasion, we’d wear this printed T-Shirt for men. It’s funny and speaks the truth in a way you cannot! 

You can also gift this T-Shirt for men to that one friend who makes plans, almost stands you up, but then shows up anyway and you both end up having the best bonding time! 


This T-Shirt online can serve as a classy reminder of how cool you are. In fact, you are so cool that your graphic men’s t-shirt won’t just have the word ‘YO’ on it. Instead, it will be an edgy looking skull in the shape of the universal ‘YO’ sign.

Available in a wide array of colors, this T-shirt style for men is neither too much nor too less.

In fact, it won’t matter whether you wear it to college or other causal events. Because either way, this trendy men’s T-Shirt will look spunky on your spunky self!

Add to that the 100% bio-wash cotton fabric and there you have it! A men’s T-shirt online which will be a forever favorite in your wardrobe.


Let’s face it. We love the word ‘DOPE’ so much that we are willing to disregard its real meaning.

After all, in millennial jargon, ‘DOPE’ is something or someone that is exceptionally cool. And, we know that you are as cool as they come.

So why not add to your wardrobe a fashionable men’s T-shirt online which will tell the world you are dope and also remind it lest it forget it.

This graphic T-shirt will be a good buy because it is available in neutral colors such as grey and even scintillating ones such as maroon.  


Well, aren’t you? This T-shirt with quote is just a means to an end. Feranoid has and will always believe in building people up and the exact reason why we came up with the idea for such a T-Shirt for men was that we want YOU to keep UP that confidence.

You know you are worth it. Then, why not wear a cool T-shirt for men that validates your belief?

Obviously, we wouldn’t want you to block out the ‘it’ from ‘killing it’ for pictures!

In the realm of men’s graphic tees, this one is our favorite since it is a regular fit men’s t-shirt for men available in a toned-down green.


A T-shirt with the quote that will make you say “HA HA.” Loudly. This T-shirt may be available in only one color but we know you are not complaining.

Excluding people who have a fear of the number 13, we invite people to buy this classy T-shirt for men who understand and spew out sarcasm on a daily basis.

This men’s T-shirt is creative and the quote on it is set against an electrifying blue background.

Really, who wouldn’t want it?

10. DOER not a dreamer T-shirt.

Maybe you have been a mix of both in the past. But as you have grown older, you have realized that those who do, did. They worked hard to get where they are, instead of daydreaming.

So, inculcate this quote in your life and into your wardrobe by buying this graphic tee for men.

This was our in-depth list of the 10 T-Shirts every college student should own in order to paint their college life with beautiful, vibrant and fun colors.

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